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Comodo Criticized over SSL hack

Posted on March 30, 2011 by stupidjason No Comments


Last week Internet security company Comodo came forward stating that they had issued SSL certificates to fraudulent hackers who did not submit all the security information to apply for a SSL.  Because the SSLs were not correctly certified the alleged hackers were able to set up a few “secure” websites with the intention of collecting personal information and logins.

Once Comodo discovered the error they had requested a update to be applied to all of the major browsers to update the security to not allow the fraudulent SSLs.  Mozilla in particular openly criticized Comodo for allowing such an attack come to fruition, blaming Comodo for its lack in protocol.  Comodo responded that they are working to move to a more secure certification practice.

This goes to show that even with a SSL certificate there is not a once over secure blanket for the Internet.  The best way to keep your information out of the wrong hands is to make sure you do your research before sharing any personal information on any website and above all make sure the SSL is from a highly trusted vendor.

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