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Cyber Security certificates?

Posted on March 14, 2011 by admin No Comments

What is a Cyber Security Certificate? Is there such a thing?

Cyber security certificates, commonly known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificates, are the most widely used security tool on the internet, used to encrypt and authenticate data that is transmitted online. SSL certificates are the perfect security tool, as they make use of special algorithms in order to encrypt data, making our messages and transactions virtually impossible for anyone to read, except for the intended recipient.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of cyber security SSLs that are commonly used today.

EV SSL Certificates

Extended Validation SSL certificates are one of the most trusted forms of cyber security around. Any business using one of these as a security tool has been thoroughly checked out by the certification authority. These checks include verifying that applicants are indeed the owners of the domain they claim to own, plus establishing that the business or entity is legitimate. The following EV guidelines are applied to all applicants of an EV SSL security tool:

  • Verify the entity’s physical, legal and operational existence
  • Verify the entity’s identity is a match for official records
  • Verify the entity is the legal owner of the domain name specified
  • Verify proper authorization from the entity to use the EV certificate

Any kind of business can use EV cyber security certificates, as well as government bodies.

OV SSL Certificates

Known as Organizational Validation SSL certificates, the guidelines for this security tool are less strict than those of EV certificates, but still the certification authority will ascertain that applicants have the right to use the domain name they are applying for, and some level of verification for the company or entity will be carried out. Note that these company checks are not as thorough as those of EV cyber security checks. Customers can check the company information that has been confirmed by clicking on the OV SSL seal displayed on the site, providing an enhanced level of visibility about a company’s legitimacy.

DV SSL Certificates or EV (Extended Validation)

Domain Validation cyber security certificates show that the certification authority has established that the applicant for the certificate is the legal owner of the domain being used. However, DV SSL certificates are a less trusted security tool as no company information is checked out, and there will be no additional information about the company displayed. These certificates are often used by private individuals engaging in online commerce, rather than established businesses.

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