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Https for Facebook

Posted on March 10, 2011 by admin No Comments

Facebook is implementing Https connections.  Security and privacy advocates have been waiting for the social media giant to implement this for a long time.

Https connections allow visitors to see that the website they are visiting is secure. Facebook does not seem to be defaulting to the Https because some third-party applications may break. Outdated browsers may also cause visitors problems.

According to a post on the Facebook blog, the social networking service will be rolling out the option “over the next few weeks.” If you’d like that protection when using Facebook on a public Internet access point — or want to encourage your users who travel to do so — you/they will need to enable it under Account Settings -> Account Security.

facebook-secure-account settings

Online security was exposed a while back by Eric Butler. Eric created the plugin for Firefox browser called Firesheep. Firesheep was a free plug-in that allowed users to collect cookies sessions that were on open Wi-Fi networks. It really exposed security loopholes for websites and users. Online visitors could have their passwords hijacked by anyone using this tool.

Visitors of Facebook will need to enable the feature in there accounts, and because of this reason some visitors may still be left vulnerable.

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