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istyles.com case study

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Headquartered in Singapore, iStyles produces vinyl skins and other accessories for a wide variety of consumer electronics including iPods, cell phones, gaming devices, and e-book readers. The company works with designers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the United States to create its accessories and sells its 30,000 unique products online, allowing iStyles to reach customers almost anywhere in the world.

By upgrading to EV, we’ve been able to give our customers an obvious signal that it’s safe to buy from us, which sets us apart from our competition even more. It’s been a great investment for our business.”

–Ming Keong Kuan

Director, iStyles

Key Challenges:

* Secure transactions on its e-commerce website easily and cost-effectively
* Give customers visible cues that its website is secure and has been authenticated
* Differentiate online store from competitive websites and ensure key revenue stream

Solution Summary:

As a small company with global reach, iStyles faces a fiercely competitive marketplace and an uncertain economic climate. By using GeoTrust SSL Certificates with Extended Validation, iStyles has been able to set itself apart from its competitors and give customers around the world the confidence they need to buy online, boosting the company’s revenue by almost 30 percent.

* GeoTrust® True BusinessID with EV


* Helped company increase sales by 28 percent in one year despite global recession
* Green extended validation bar gave customers clear sign that online transactions are protected, increasing confidence even more
* Allowed company to differentiate itself and compete in the global marketplace for fashion accessories for consumer electronics

Boost your business sales by getting GeoTrust EV SSL.

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