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Smart Phones, who do they really help?

Posted on March 16, 2011 by stupidjason No Comments

Android, Iphone, Blackberry- Which one provides security?

With the increasing popularity of the iPhone and Android mobile devices people are using their phones for heavy computing more than ever before.  With this mobile armada there has been a quick rise of information shared over phone networks, wi-fi, 4G and beyond.  Never before have you been able to check your bank account while finishing your business proposal and checking the scores of the game, all while waiting for the subway.  With so much data flying about it has become easier than ever for a hacker or anyone with the know how to grab your information, for example Actor Ashton Kutcher was recently scammed by the infamous Firesheep program, which allows  you to follow people as they login to services over an unsecured connection.

Another risk of mobile computing aside from digital theft is of course physical theft.  As of now people are purchasing and using mobile devices at a higher rate than laptops and desktops combined, at this rate the idea of not carrying your entire computer around with you will be lost in a few years.   Because of this it is recommended that you understand that your phone is your new wallet and to make sure you have a find-your-phone app installed to keep track of your phones location in case of loss or theft.

Smart Phones in themselves are not evil giant leaks of information, but it does give us another way to expose our selves and our information if you are not aware and ready. Blackberry is thought of as having the most enterprise level securiyt, but they are losing their market share do to the Google developed Android OS. Iphone still has not developed a Enterprise level security. We will report more on the matter of mobile security as we find out more.  Remember Internet security is not a right, it is a service.   You have the right to share whatever information you want, just make sure you are wanting to share that information.  The Smart phone is a great addition to our lives and can make us more productive than ever, just make sure its working for you and not against you.

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