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What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate?

Posted on March 14, 2011 by admin 4 Comments

What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate?

Why do you need to use an SSL security certificate? I’ve been asked by webmasters so many times before, “do I need an SSL secure certificate for my site?”, for which the answer is almost always a resounding “yes!”.  Then, there’s always the question, “why do I need a secure certificate?”

The answer to this question is that using a security certificate is simply the minimum level of security that customers expect when transacting with an online business. A secure certificate is essential because it encrypts sensitive information, guarding it from cyber criminals as it whizzes across the internet. The security certificate is what keeps criminals and anarchists at bay and makes the internet a safe and secure place for us to do business.

Benefits of a secure certificate


The main purpose of a security certificate is that it encrypts data so that only the person who is intended to receive it can read it. The security certificate is vital because when we carry out online transactions and send our important financial details and passwords over the net, this information will travel through several different computers and servers, where it could be accessed by many people if not secured. An SSL secure certificate acts much like an old fashioned scrambling device you see in the movies, making your information unreadable to anyone except the person or server you are corresponding with.


Not only does a secure certificate encrypt data, but it will also authenticate that the information is being sent to the right server, and not one that belongs to any criminals. This is important because hackers and cyber criminals are very sophisticated, and can easily pretend to be something they are not and fool you into sending them your valuable personal information. This can be avoided by using Public Key Infrastructure (or PKI), together with an SSL security certificate that comes from a well known provider.

It’s important that you use a trusted secure certificate provider because they only issue SSL certificates to companies that have undergone numerous security checks and are officially verified. There are some kinds of secure certificates, for example EV security certificates, which require a much higher level of validation than other kinds, and these are among the most secure and trusted in the world

Gain Trust:

The last reason why it’s a good idea for businesses to use a security certificate is because this is the easiest way for your customers to trust you. Usually, internet browsers will display icons or logos that tell customers that your website is secured with SSL, making it far more likely that people will trust your website. Without these signs, many people would be afraid to transact with you online, so the bottom line is that you lose out on a huge number of clients.

Get secured, get authenticated and be trusted when you use an SSL security certificate – it’s the only way to do business online.

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