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Security Certificate and SSL FAQ

Do I need an SSL?

Not all Security Certificates are the same and each type is different in some way. In this short article we will highlight some the key features of Security Certificates security level, There are dedicated SSL, shared SSL, wildcard SSL and free SSL certificates.You can identify if a site is secure if it has a https in the browser. The Https shows that the website you are visiting is a secure protocol. This is important when transferring private data.

When choosing a SSL for your shopping website business it is worth while taking a little time to consider and research what type of Security Certificates you require and what you can afford. There are many different types of certificates and they vary in price. The main types of Security Certificates are dedicated, shared, wildcard and free. With lots of suppliers of Security Certificates online it pays to compare different companies.

Dedicated or Premium Security Certificates

Dedicated SSL are assigned specifically to the domain name of your website. So in order to apply a dedicated SSL you have to have your own unique domain Prices of domain names vary, but there are plenty of domain registrars online. The best deal we have found on all SSL’s are Big X Hosting With a SSL it is not shared with any another domain name, and these do not usually provide SSL protection for website sub-domains other than www. Dedicated Security Certificates is one of the most secure Security Certificates to purchase.

Shared SSL certificates

Unlike the dedicated certificates, where you have your own domain name and your own unique SSL , shared SSL certificates are exactly what they sound like: Shared. You will normally find shared SSL’s are supplied by web hosts for their customers to use. They tend to have a generic name and as such your domain wont be displayed when this type of shared SSL is in use. Web hosts do tend to offer these for free. You can also attach your website to someone else’s SSL certificate. However, this does mean that when a visitor to your website wants to check the authenticity of your website the SSL of your website and the name on the certificate will not match. Who ever owns and purchased the certificate will have his or her details shown. In most modern browsers this will normally cause the browser to show an error page warning the person not to continue. Please note that you can’t “just use” another website’s SSL. The system would have to be set up to use it. Another issue will arise if you wish to change your website host provider. The likelihood of being able to transfer your websites SSL security with you may not be possible.

Wildcard SSL certificates or Multiple Domain UCC Certificates

If your website has what is called sub domains e.g.: shop.example.com or blog.example.com and you want for them to be guarded with your SSL certificates then you would need a wildcard SSL to guarantee that all your sub domains are all secure. A wildcard SSL will allow you to protect unlimited subdomains with just the one SSL.This will make your life easier and save you money. If you don’t need to secure multiple subdomains and know exactly what subdomains you need it may be cheaper to have these added to a normal SSL certificate.You should also remember that the market leading SSL companies secure example.com and www.example.com by default with their standard certificates. You should not need a wildcard certificate just to secure the www subdomain. If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server then you will need a UCC Certificate We recommend purchasing Security Certificates from Big X Hosting.