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Using an SSL to make your way through to a site under a DoS attack

With DoS attacks making headlines a month ago or so, this article could have perhaps been better timed, but better late than never. I had to employ this simple trick a few weeks ago to navigate to Escrow.com while they were under a DoS attack, but I have been told it worked for accessing Paypal [...]

Going Green Online – Increasing Sales

 I recently received an email about how particular type of SSL has increased online sales.  The the email was from one of the largest SSL providers, Verisign (Symantec).  After reviewing over 50 case studies the evidence was extremely consistent and provided strong reasoning for upgrading to an EV (Extended Validation) SSL. The companies studied [...]

Scammers Take Over During Disasters

The Internet is known for many things, but one insecure problem we know of is scammers. They tend to make the most of a hard situation by scamming other visitors of their cash and credentials. Recently, a study has shown that such scammers are found to be most active during disasters such as the Japan [...]

Web 2.0 Expo – Is it worth it?

Unlock the Digital Economy Come join the designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, business strategists and VC’s building the next generation Web at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco. Opportunities for growth in the digital economy have exploded this year with such companies as Groupon, Foursquare and Zynga leading the way. Come to Web 2.0 Expo [...]

Smart Phones, who do they really help?

Android, Iphone, Blackberry- Which one provides security? With the increasing popularity of the iPhone and Android mobile devices people are using their phones for heavy computing more than ever before.  With this mobile armada there has been a quick rise of information shared over phone networks, wi-fi, 4G and beyond.  Never before have you been [...]

South by Southwest Technology Summit

South by Southwest We are real busy here at Security Certificate and will not be attending the party this year.  With the unveiling of IE9 and the boat loads of mobile apps making a debut tomorrow at SXSW’s Technology Summit, we would love to hear from attendees with an eye towards security questions raised during [...]

PHP Security

PHP is a high level language, and is very secure, but only when used properly. Failure to check user input is one of the most common mistakes among new php users. Here are some more mistakes, and their solutions. All forms should be validated with PHP. Use isset instead of strlen if you are checking [...]

What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate?

What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate? Why do you need to use an SSL security certificate? I’ve been asked by webmasters so many times before, “do I need an SSL secure certificate for my site?”, for which the answer is almost always a resounding “yes!”.  Then, there’s always the question, “why do [...]

Cyber Security certificates?

What is a Cyber Security Certificate? Is there such a thing? Cyber security certificates, commonly known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificates, are the most widely used security tool on the internet, used to encrypt and authenticate data that is transmitted online. SSL certificates are the perfect security tool, as they make use of [...]

What Are SSL Certificates?

What Are SSL Certificates? (SSL, information security) No doubt you’ve heard about and even come across a SSL security certificate before, but do you know what one actually is, or what it actually does? It’s surprising that very few people have much knowledge of what SSL certificates are, outside of the fact they provide information [...]