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istyles.com case study

Headquartered in Singapore, iStyles produces vinyl skins and other accessories for a wide variety of consumer electronics including iPods, cell phones, gaming devices, and e-book readers. The company works with designers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the United States to create its accessories and sells its 30,000 unique products online, allowing iStyles to reach […]

Press Releases

SSL Certificates, (secure socket layer) security is a must have for any online ecommerce website or any site which that wishes to accept payments. ssl certificates are a massive benefit to your website and your visiting customers. Gaining their confidence is very important and if you wish to be successful online. In this article we […]

Comodo Criticized over SSL hack

  Last week Internet security company Comodo came forward stating that they had issued SSL certificates to fraudulent hackers who did not submit all the security information to apply for a SSL.  Because the SSLs were not correctly certified the alleged hackers were able to set up a few “secure” websites with the intention of […]

Going Green Online – Increasing Sales

 I recently received an email about how particular type of SSL has increased online sales.  The the email was from one of the largest SSL providers, Verisign (Symantec).  After reviewing over 50 case studies the evidence was extremely consistent and provided strong reasoning for upgrading to an EV (Extended Validation) SSL. The companies studied […]

Tor: Bringing Online Security to The Next Level and Leaving Big Brother in a Conundrum

A few months back I read Rolling Stone’s profile piece on WikiLeaks Hacker Jacob Appelbaum,  the piece was more about the man himself, but I was taken by his motivations and beliefs that led him to construct the Tor Project.  I had heard of the Tor Project before, but had always thought of it as […]

Scammers Take Over During Disasters

The Internet is known for many things, but one insecure problem we know of is scammers. They tend to make the most of a hard situation by scamming other visitors of their cash and credentials. Recently, a study has shown that such scammers are found to be most active during disasters such as the Japan […]


Hit us up Contact us if you need to submit an article or check in with us to see if your article has been approved. Our site is looking to maintain quality standards and doesn’t want junk content. Our readers want to get the scoop of what’s hot.   Advertising If you are interested in […]

South by Southwest Technology Summit

South by Southwest We are real busy here at Security Certificate and will not be attending the party this year.  With the unveiling of IE9 and the boat loads of mobile apps making a debut tomorrow at SXSW’s Technology Summit, we would love to hear from attendees with an eye towards security questions raised during […]

Compiling PHP with Suhosin

Compiling PHP with Suhosin So upon checking php.net I noticed they released PHP 5.2.11. I still haven’t upgraded to PHP 5.3.0 because it breaks too many things and I haven’t bothered to figure out how to install both of them at the same time (Working on it though).  I’ve compiled PHP so many times I […]

What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate?

What’s the Point in using an SSL Security Certificate? Why do you need to use an SSL security certificate? I’ve been asked by webmasters so many times before, “do I need an SSL secure certificate for my site?”, for which the answer is almost always a resounding “yes!”.  Then, there’s always the question, “why do […]